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Microsoft Business Intelligence Screencasts

Posted by denglishbi on December 15, 2007

There were a bunch of screencasts added to the Channel9 site this past week in regards to Microsoft Business Intelligence.  If you don’t subscribe to an RSS feed to get this information or haven’t checked out this site before then I would recommend it to get you up-to-speed.  You can download the files for viewing offline or to synch up to your Zune to take on the road with you or you can view them online.


Here is what is available (looks like the second one on the list is not uploaded yet and the third one got uploaded twice):

#00: Platform Overview (25 minutes, 25 seconds)

#01a: Introduction to Microsoft BI (20 minutes, 33 seconds)

#01b: Introduction to SQL Server 2005 Tools and Sample Databases (13 minutes, 16 seconds)

#02a: Developing a Query-Driven E-mail Delivery System (17 minutes, 37 seconds)

#03a: Loading and Integrating Data from Multiple Sources (17 minutes, 13 seconds)

#04a: Identifying and Importing New Customers by Using Fuzzy Lookup (12 minutes, 5 seconds)

#04b: Implementing Slowly Changing Dimensions in the Data Flow (16 minutes, 11 seconds)

#04c: Advanced Package Design (13 minutes, 26 seconds)

#05a: Designing a Basic Report (18 minutes, 10 seconds)

#05b: Adding Interactivity to a Report (13 minutes, 59 seconds)

#06a: Developing a Report Model and Designing a Report Builder Report (15 minutes, 46 seconds)

#07a: Deploying and Accessing Reports (16 minutes, 23 seconds)

#09a: Designing Dimensions (16 minutes, 55 seconds)

#09b: Advanced Dimension Design (12 minutes, 25 seconds)

#09c: Using the Cube Wizard (13 minutes, 20 seconds)

#09d: Introducing Cube Calculations (14 minutes, 55 seconds)

#10a: Designing Reports on the UDM (15 minutes, 28 seconds)

#10b: Exploring Analysis Features of Microsoft Excel 2007 (14 minutes, 57 seconds)

#11a: More Analysis with Microsoft Excel 2007 (12 minutes, 45 seconds)

#12a: Introducing Data Mining (14 minutes, 54 seconds)

#12b: Introducing the Table Analysis Tool for Excel 2007 (15 minutes, 28 seconds)

#14a: Building a Performance Point Scorecard (15 minutes, 55 seconds)

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