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Archive for December 10th, 2007

SQL Server 2008 Intellisense (CTP5) vs Red Gate SQL Prompt

Posted by denglishbi on December 10, 2007

I gave the intellisense in the SQL Server 2008 Nov CTP5 a test run this morning and was a bit disappointed compared to SQL Prompt by Red Gate.  I am used to all of the settings within SQL Prompt (enabling options, integration, formatting, snippets, etc.) that the CTP did not meet my expectations.  It did the basics, but in my opinion still has a ways to go.  Now I see why it was not released with SQL Server 2005.

[Click on the pictures for a larger view of the image]

Here are a few captures of what it looks like and it is similar to Visual Studio intellisense where the CTRL+Spacebar (CTRL+J will also work) will display the dropdown list.

SQL Intellisense Example

I did like the fact that it would tell you went you had an invalid column (typo) prior to execution.

SQL Intellisense Error

I was never able to get the intellisense to show up for stored procedures, but it does state that it should work with them.  There aren’t too many configuration settings either.

SQL Intellisense Configuration

Now compared to SQL Prompt the only thing that I haven’t seen yet (and maybe it is just the version I am running — 2.0) is the invalid column message, but otherwise you get quite a few more options.

Setting up how the intellisense gets activated and what applications SQL Prompt will integrate with.

SQL Prompt Options

Setting up what you want displayed in the dropdown list and formatting options.

SQL Prompt Configuration

Enabling the capitalization of keywords is kind of a picky thing, but I like it.

SQL Prompt Capitalization

And you get snippets, so you can type ‘w2’ and then TAB and it will execute sp_who2 and the results will be displayed.  Code snippets are pretty nice and save you some keystrokes and we all like that.

SQL Prompt Snippets

And the intellisense you get with SQL Prompt is more intelligent.

SQL Prompt Example1

And it works with stored procedures (the SQL Server documentation says that it should be working, but not sure how to activate this yet — if it works yet).

SQL Prompt Example2

Also SQL Prompt works with INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements and it does not appear that the SQL Server version does yet.  So for now I would have to give Red Gate the advantage, we will see if the SQL Server Team decides to add more functionality and configurations.

UPDATE 2/23/2008 – I have a Feb CTP6 follow up to this posting SQL Server Intellisense (CTP6) vs Red Gate SQL Prompt – Part II

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