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Office SharePoint Server 2007 Training

Posted by denglishbi on December 6, 2007

I love free training opportunities.  Microsoft has now released a network (portal) or a standalone client version of some Office SharePoint Server 2007 training materials.  The training includes videos, interactive tutorials, and articles.  The Training topics lead you step-by-step through beginning to advanced features, including Collaboration, Business Processes and Forms, Portals and Personalization, Search, Business Intelligence and Enterprise Content Management.  I am current in the process of download the material to take a look at it.

The Standalone Edition is accessed through your browser after you install the application on your personal computer. If you are a server administrator and want to install the Portal Edition to your Office SharePoint Server site, click here. The Portal Edition allows you to add content to help your users learn about the rich features of Office SharePoint Server 2007.

Take a look for yourself if you are interested:

Office SharePoint Server 2007 Training (Standalone Edition)

Office SharePoint Server 2007 Training (network)

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