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2008 Releases and Launches

Posted by denglishbi on December 4, 2007

At the last MPLS SQL Server User Group they said that Windows Server 2008 will be available in January and SQL Server 2008 will be mid June.  The national launch for all of the 2008 products is February 27 in Los Angeles and the MPLS local launch will be in April.  They stated that the Nov CTP5 of SQL Server is around 80% complete and the next CTP will have all of the functionality in it.  Visual Studio 2008 was release on November 19.  Learn more about the new version of VS 2008:


The Wait for Visual Studio 2008 is Over!

On Monday, Nov. 19, Microsoft announced that Visual Studio 2008 and the .NET Framework 3.5 were released to manufacturing (RTM). With more than 250 new features,Visual Studio 2008 includes significant enhancements in every edition, including Visual Studio Express and Visual Studio Team System. Developers of all levels – from hobbyists to enterprise development teams – now have a consistent, secure and reliable solution for developing applications for the latest platforms: the Web, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, the 2007 Office system, and beyond. Learn more about Visual Studio 2008.

For help with uninstalling prerelease versions of Visual Studio 2008, see Uninstalling Previous Versions of Visual Studio 2008.


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