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Here we go…

Posted by denglishbi on December 2, 2007

It is time for me to start a blog. I have been wanting to do this for a long time.  For the most part this blog is going to be technical in nature and will talk about Business Intelligence and Database related topics (mainly in regards to Microsoft products).
We got about eight inches of snow yesterday, so I thought it was a perfect time to take a look at the Windows Live Spaces and startup a blog finally.  Some of the items that get posted will be review or known items for some, but I just want to make sure everyone is aware of them, so I apologize in advance.
I am just downloading the Windows Live Writer application to see how that differs from entering the blog directly into the site.  I am assuming it will be useful so I can work on postings offline and then upload them when I am ready and connected.  Now I need to figure out where I should begin and what topic(s) to pick.

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